Copy of Our Story



This is a story of a family, broken like the best of you, that came to recognize the lies we all live with and realize the truth that's hidden in plain sight.

As long as something is good for ‘you’ that’s all that matters. As long as ‘you’ are happy, that’s what counts. This is what we've been told our entire lives. We've been raised in a culture that glorifies "self" and minimizes everything else. After years of looking for success in all the wrong places, we realized there was a greater way to define our lives. Together, we began to pursue a new direction for our family.  Starting from a new place of understanding, God loves us, we are able to see the world through a new lens and love others without the backlash of consequences or failure. To put it simply, love will never fail.

During the spring of 2015, we took our first mission trip as a family to Guatemala. Within the space of a week we fell in love with the people we met and the places we saw that would last forever. We learned that God uses people wherever they are in life — no matter the damage.

We are continually humbled at every twist and turn to visit developing countries where we experience lives changing through economic empowerment, sustainable change and love happening. Through our travels, we’ve met people whose kindness, generosity and curiosity continue to impact us beyond words. We have seen the need for education and work opportunities as well as finding sustainable solutions to poverty and human trafficking, and we’ve met many people organizing and making such change happen! This is part of what gives us hope to keep moving forward.

An Uncommon Way is our small way of inviting people to join us in order to make a difference in the world. We believe we all have the ability to give back and love those around us - no matter how big or how small - for we are all made unique, important and uncommon.


For every product we sell, we re-invest 10% of our proceeds back into our artisan communities, and 10% of our proceeds to support giving, mission and humanitarian trips across the world. We are also proud supporters of International Justice Mission in the fight against human trafficking worldwide.

We currently partner with artisans working for ethical companies in Nepal and Guatemala. Without the hard work and talent of these artisans, An Uncommon Way wouldn’t exist. We make sure all of our artisans are paid a livable wage and have opportunities to sustainably improve their lives and the lives of their families.

The idea for An Uncommon Way was born from our experiences on giving trips. These trips allowed our family to view the world differently, learn about the needs of others and love on those we met in little and big ways. We are passionate about providing other families with similar opportunities. Our desire is for people to share the love of Christ and meet practical needs through giving trips, and return home with an enthusiasm that encourages others to embark on similar journeys.

The need to fight sex, labor and child trafficking has never been greater. The International Labour Organization estimates that there are 20.9 million victims of human trafficking globally. We are passionate about helping those organizations working hard to free victims through permanent and holistic solutions.

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